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Download and Install Unisync

Select Your Operating System

Unisync should be installed both locally and remotely. You will then run the local copy, and it'll connect to the remote copy. Please select your Operating System above to see installation instructions for it. For example, if you're on a Mac laptop connecting to a Linux VPS, you would follow the Mac instructions for your laptop, and then SSH into your VPS and follow the Linux instructions to install it there.


You can clone our source and build it for any platform that is supported by Go.
git clone https://github.com/SergeyTsalkov/unisync.git
cd unisync
go build

This will produce a binary called unisync. On the local side, you can put it into any PATH folder (like /usr/local/bin) for convenience. On the remote side, you can do the same -- or if your access is limited, you can instead put it into a folder called ~/.unisync. The local side will connect and know to find it there.